My most creative time!

painting at night

As many of you already know my best creative time of the day is in the middle of the night. I usually go to bed around 11pm and I usually got wake up by my husband around 2 because of his strong snoring issues. I love him to the moon, but sometimes I am ennoy that his sleep habit keep me up at night. Nevertheless, even if I found myself being grumpy while getting out to bed for lack of being able to get back to sleep I usually step in my office and start painting. Honestly, I have produced my best pieces in the middle of the night on the melody of my husband snoring.

However, everything as change since last month when my mother-in law read about the best snoring mouthpiece on a “ZQuiet review” website. She sent it to us to take a look at. I actually wanted him to try using an anti snoring mouthpiece but we never got into actually purchasing it. But, she decided to take a shot and buy ZQuiet for him last week.

Guess what? It work miraculously and since he did not, not even once, wake me up in the middle of the night…. so I did not work or paint under the sky like I am use too. Should I start to be worry about the outcome of this life changing event on my work??

NO, because I have to admit that it turns out to be a gain for a lost because now I wake up in the morning well rest and I am actually becoming more like a morning person (which I was never before). I created some really piece of work in the last week and I even start painting in nature which is something really new for me. I have discover another side of this amazing art, nature inspiration. Read my next post to learn about one of my new theme of work.