Another year, another adventure to come!

midleagewomenpaintMaybe it is because we are close to my birthday and that I am turning 40 but I have been painting women, middle age women to be more specific for about a month now. Like a lot of other women my age, every year bring it part of struggling because we have to add up another year, another digit number to this eternal growing number…

Don’t get me wrong I am really happy with my life, and pretty happy to be my age (most of the time) but the time around my birthday are always the one that bring me back to earth and bring me to analyze where I am in life. Interestingly enough it also bring me to take a good look at me in the mirror and ask myself: Did I get new wrinkles? Are my eye puffier? Did I got new dark spots? Lol! Nevertheless, I have to admit that I am pretty amaze by the result of my eye cream. I have been using religiously using the best rated eye cream since I’ve read Revitol Reviews in a magazine and never look back. That was love at first “try”.

Even if I am proud of my appearance this period of the year bring question and inspiration that translate into my art of course. This morning I was really inspired and I start painting without really knowing what the result would be like. After lunch, I came back to my studio to finally realize that the women I have painted was pretty much me…. Quiet disturbing… because that was the first time that I painted myself and this unconsciousness.

One of my favorite art website, the jakartaglobe was celebrating middle age fine art not long ago. This could be also another influence that translate into my painting.

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My most creative time!

painting at night

As many of you already know my best creative time of the day is in the middle of the night. I usually go to bed around 11pm and I usually got wake up by my husband around 2 because of his strong snoring issues. I love him to the moon, but sometimes I am ennoy that his sleep habit keep me up at night. Nevertheless, even if I found myself being grumpy while getting out to bed for lack of being able to get back to sleep I usually step in my office and start painting. Honestly, I have produced my best pieces in the middle of the night on the melody of my husband snoring.

However, everything as change since last month when my mother-in law read about a the best snoring mouthpiece with the “ZQuiet review” website. She decided to take a shot and buy ZQuiet for him last week.

Guess what? It work miraculously and since he did not, even once, wake me up in the middle of the night…. so I did not work or paint under the sky like I am use too. Should I start to be worry about the outcome of this change in our life on my work?? NO, because I believe it is a gain for a lost because now I wake up in the morning well rest and I am actually becoming more a morning person (which I was never before). I created some really piece of work in the last week and I even start painting in nature which is something really new for me. I have discover another side of this amazing art, nature inspiration. Read my next post to learn about one of my new line of work.